February 2019
Turners Junction is a fictional DCC layout based loosely on the elevated railways of Southern London, built permanently in our residence in Bexhill. Frequently travelling to visit London from Purley and travelling through Stations like East Croydon, Clapham and up to London Victoria, the track plan reflects the tracks, points and crossovers of a busy junction as much as the space would allow.
End of 2018
Building started in September 2018 using Peco Code 80 Track and points. The track bed and track was laid in about 14 full days of work. Suspended 50mm above the base board on 9mm thick plywood. Being a permanent layout weight isn’t a problem so stability is core. Point motors were fitted in December using a simple momentary switch system with a CDU on a wooden panel.
February 2019
Towards the end of Winter, we started adding the retaining “walls” to the sides of the elevations.
May/June 2019
Sadly, in Spring when the hot weather hit the Code 80 rails came away from the sleepers and maintaining it would become too much, so it was decided to switch to Code 55 and rebuild the layout before we had added scatter and were unable to lift the track cleanly. This gave us the chance to adjust positions of points and motors.