Detford is a finescale layout in"00" gauge which represents a small terminus station on the western edge of the Southern region at the end
of a branch line serving a fairly large rural community. The period is the late 1950's and early 1960's and is approximatley 18ft x 2ft 6in in size.
All the trackwork is hand built, as can be seen, the scenery has been produced to the highest standards. The majority of the buildings are scratch built with the exception of the brewery which is made up of modified Bachmann models.

Summer 2014
Detford was given a refurb which included several new features.
- 3rd rail electrification of the Platforms and single line
- Station platforms improved, layout revised and Station building refurbished (true scratch building modelling skills here)
- Goods yard greatly modified to improve layout detail and interest as well as visibility of the Harveys brewery scene
- Signalbox refurbished including interior
- Scenery greatly enhanced to include advanced detail techniques and features

2017- Present
Detford has been placed in storage as Club room space is at a premium and we are currently working a new layout.
Detford remains available for Exhibition's and other event outings, contacts us for more information.

Detford during an Exhibition at Tinkers Park in August 2014.