The club is currently working on a new "00" gauge layout of the 1930's Southern Railway era based around the South London docks on the Central/Eastern sections (Former LB&SCR and SE&CR Territories). The principle design scheme consists of a double line continous run circuit with a scenic scene along the front half and hidden fiddle yard sidings on the rear half. The scenic side depicts a high level mainline scene consisting of a half station and sidings which are directly served either end by the continous run. The scenic side also consists of a lower level river side dock scene which is served by a seperate branchline on a hidden "Cassette" based system.

The upper level station will principly be a through station with Up/Down mainlines, will include a Bay platform for terminating trains as well as a London Underground platform which will otherwise be independant of the main line. Features will include a recently completed upgrade to 3rd rail electricfication, mixed mechanical signalling of the era incuding an elevated signalbox (similar to that at Canterbury West) and a wagon lift to the lower level. The lower Quay will be a busy freight yard scene depicting large numbers of small goods trains dealing with all kinds of freight from Coal to Fish. The inclusion of a small "Halt" style platform in the yard will allow examples of Steam "push and Pull" workings to be featured, though the track plan allows for just about any small non electric passenger train to be operated.

The layout is very much a work in progress, photo updates will be posted below as visible progress is made with the layouts development.

The images below are ordered as top to bottom, oldest to recent. A track layout plan will also be posted below once prepared.


Main design of the layout is finialised and baseboards constructed, work of constructing the baseboards took several months throughout 2015 and were mostly finished by December.


The track plan was drawn on thick white paper which was cut and laid onto the baseboard surface, this is a very lengthy process as much depends on the accuracy of the plan, especially as the track was to be scratch built, the assistance of "Radius" gauges is vital to ensure the trackwork meets the standards required for the smooth operation of trains. Pointwork was also drawn into this plan, but of course the actual points were constructed using highly accurate defined plans largely derived from real world examples and standards. As well as the track, significant other features were also drawn onto the plan, such as the halt platform position and inspection pits in the engine shed sidings.
Trackwork construction proceeded steadily throughout the year and consumed a huge amount of time.
By the time our August Exhibition arrived, we had a baseboard to show off to the public with the low level track layout mostly completed.